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Certification program for Organization Design Professionals (CODP)

About the program

The Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP®) is an international recognized certification of experienced Organizational Design Professionals.

CODP® signals a standard of excellence that you have met a comprehensive set of requirements – both with respect to training and experience.

As a CODP® you are listed in the CODP® directory as well as tagged on Linkedin.

CODP® is developed and supported by the Organizational Design Community (ODC), Organization Design Forum (ODF), and the European Organization Design Forum (EODF).

Value of the program

The certification presents a unique branding  and distinguish yourself in the market to clients and employers.

We are delighted to announce that we have established an opportunity to get an even closer relationship with ODC, ODF, and EODF by acquiring the CODP® from 2024 onwards. This entails:

  • A two-year non-voting membership of ODC
  • A discount of 10% to attend the annual ODF conference in the year after obtaining the CODP®.
  • A one-year membership of EODF.

And of course also the usual benefits:

  • A unique certificate designed to testament  the excellence as a Certified Organization Design Professional.
  • The privilege to use the title of Certified Organization Design Professional.
  • The unique CODP®-logo to showcase the professionalism in organization design in communications.
  • Linking the  certification to your LinkedIn profile to showcase the acquired certification - and to make you easy to find for recruiters.
  • Finally, the certified professional is entered into an official directory of certified individuals and listed here

How to apply Disclaimer

 Why have I chosen to become a CODP? My knowledge and experience are validated by an international and professional party. CODP helps me stand out from the crowd of organization design professionals. In my organization, it was a requirement that at least one in the team was a CODP. You can't really do professional work without having an international stamp of qualification attached to your name. So, don´t think about it, go for it! 

- Elvira Kalmar, Founder of Go Beyond Project and a Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP)

Please contact us if you have further questions related to the CODP Program.

Contact us

Next quaterly deadline for submitting your application is  May 1st 2024

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