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  • Webinar: Research In Progress III

Webinar: Research In Progress III

  • 25 Nov 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)
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Research In Progress III

Thursday, November  25th, 2021 at 9:00 am Eastern Time

"A discussion on the underlying trade-offs in achieving organizational resilience"

In past decades, many natural disasters and social crises have directed the attention of many scholars and practitioners towards organizational resilience. The increasing interest has led to many reviews and re-conceptualizations of this construct to achieve clarity on its conceptualization. While such discussions are paramount for a rigorous future research, a critical view of organizational resilience seems to be left out of the conversation. Organizational resilience does not come for free, and a structured perspective is necessary for its accurate investigation as well as its successful implementation. In this research-in-progress seminar, I illustrate and discuss three underlying trade-offs: 1) Buffering vs. adaptation, 2) Efficiency vs. resilience, 3) System resilience vs. component resilience. The first trade-off directs our attention towards equifinality in achieving organizational resilience through two different sets of mechanisms. However, in certain cases, getting engaged in both simultaneously may turn out to be costly and ineffective. Meanwhile, the other two trade-offs highlight the potentially undesirable consequences of achieving organizational resilience. 

Speaker Intro: Ekin Ilseven, PhD Candidate at INSEAD.

"Demystifying Functional Social Support (FSS) and Designing Healthy Cultures"

This set of action-research loops, which is rooted in inclusivity and the Speculative Design goal: immunopotentiation, builds to focus on the quality of Functional Social Support (FSS) as a proxy for organizational health.

By transcribing and analyzing FSS in natural and simulated-as-natural contexts, an Organizational Level Actor (OLA) model was reified. OLAs are an emergent and pervasive socio-technical unit of networked organization and force of influence. They can be understood through their mechanics and component behavior profiles, by narrative and by the different stages of processing that lead to action.

Taken together the frameworks, methodologies and diagnostic criteria are grounds for designing and testing OLA interventions that can enable the following organizational fitness outcomes:

  1.  Increase alignment capability (ie. drive cultures of control toward cultures of communication)
  2. Increase productivity (ie. improve quality FSS to keep employees focused, reduce instances of surprisal)
  3. Decrease risks associated with environmental health for organizations and susceptible individuals ( ie. reduce predatory resource acquisition behavior, tort / harassment, assault and peritraumatic dissociation, and, reduce organizational liabilities associated with a lack of accommodation services)

Speaker Intro: Chad Nicholas Desisto, Designer and Ethnographer, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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