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ODC annual conference 2021

Varieties of Organizations: Understanding Metaorganizations, Hybrid Forms, Modularity and Organizational Ecosystems 

October 28-29th, 2021

ODC is pleased to announce its annual conference themed Understanding Meta-organizations, Hybrid Forms, Modularity and Organizational Ecosystems on October 28-29th, 2021. The conference this year will be held virtually.

The Annual Conference 2021 is organized by: 

Gurneeta Vasudeva 

(University of Minnesota) 

Tobias Kretschmer

(Munich School of Management)

Speakers at the Conference

Ron Adner

(Dartmouth University)

Carliss Baldwin

(Harvard Business School)

(Aker Horizons)

Kathleen Eisenhardt

(Stanford University)

Ranjay Gulati

(Harvard Business School)

Rahul Kapoor

(University of Pennsylvania) 

Riitta Katila

(Stanford University)

(Cornell University)

Richard Makadok

(Purdue University)

Anne-Claire Pache

(ESSEC Business School)

Ulrich Pidun

(Boston Consulting Group)

Melissa Schilling

(New York University)

Metin Sengul 

(Boston College)

Jasjit Singh


Program for the ODC Annual Conference

October 28th, 2021: Day 1

9am - 12pm US Central Time
4pm - 7pm Germany/ Central European Time 

Metaorganizations (9:00 am -10:30 am US CT)

Introduction: Tobias Kretschmer (LMU) and Gurneeta Vasudeva (U. of Minnesota)

Opening Keynote: Ranjay Gulati (Harvard Business School)

Research Showcase: Richard Makadok (Purdue U.) and Aija Leiponen (Cornell U.)

Future Research Prespective: Melissa Schilling (New York U.)

Hybrids (10:30 am - 12 pm US CT)

Opening Keynote: Jasjit Singh (INSEAD)

Research Showcase: Anne-Claire Pache (ESSEC)

Future Research Perspective: Metin Sengul (Boston College)

Industry Outlook: Jeanett Bergan (Aker Horizon)

Conclusion: Tobias and Gurneeta

October 29th, 2021: Day 2

9am - 12pm US Central Time
4pm - 7pm Germany / Central European Time 

Modularity (9:00 am - 10:30am US CT)

Introduction: Tobias Kretschmer (LMU) and Gurneeta Vasudeva (U. of Minnesota)

Opening Keynote: Carliss Baldwin (Harvard Business School) 

Research Showcase: Rahul Kapoor (U. of Pennsylvania

Future Research Prespective: Kathleen Eisenhardt (Stanford U.)

Ecosystems (10:30 am - 12 pm US CT)

Opening Keynote: Ron Adner (Dartmouth U.)

Research Showcase: Wesley Koo (INSEAD)

Future Research Perspective: Riitta Katila (Stanford U.)

Industry Outlook: Ulrich Pidun (Boston Consulting Group)

Conclusion: Tobias and Gurneeta

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