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ODC annual conference 2022

"Organizing for Novelty"

October 27-28th, 2022


With the technologies, tools, and perspectives such as decentralized autonomous organizations, lean entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurial strategizing becoming increasingly established in both the academic and corporate world, the quest for novelty – seeking out how to successfully deploy innovation ranging from new-to-the-firm efforts to game-changing moonshot projects – is making a comeback.

In this conference, we looked deeper at some of the recent and emerging insights on how to organize effectively for novelty. How are established firms approaching the quest novelty strategically and organizationally these days, and what can we learn from start-ups tackling this challenge? How have these recent approaches themselves been shaped by emerging technologies allowing, for example, for more virtual and decentralized forms of organizing? And what is there still to do to make the best use of some of the emerging technologies on the horizon?

Across a series of presentations and conversations with leading academics and practitioners in this area, this conference shed some light on the state of the art of how to organize for novelty, and the new ways of organizing enabled by emerging technologies. Our goal was to inspire academics and practitioners alike to learn more about these latest approaches to strategizing and organizing for novelty, learn about some emerging best practices, and identify important questions for the future.


Oliver Alexy

Technical University of Munich

Isin Guler

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Speakers at the conference

Diane Burton

Cornell University

Samer Faraj

McGill University

Teppo Felin

Utah State University

Vibha Gaba

INSEAD, Singapore

Ying-Ying Hsieh

Imperial College London

Jacqueline Kirtley

Wharton University

Elena Novelli

Bayes Business School

Lisa Wocken


Anita Williams Woolley

Carnegie Mellon University



Day 1 (Oct 27, 9am-12pm ET)


Evolution, innovation, and org design | New insights on organizing for novelty

  • Keynote: Vibha Gaba, INSEAD
  • Research Showcase: Elena Novelli, Bayes Business School
  • Future Research: JP Eggers, NYU


Distributed Autonomous Organizations: What is hype and what is here to stay?

  • Panel host: Martin Gonzalez (Org Development Lead at Google)
  • Guest 1: Lisa Wocken (Founding member of talentDAO, DAO Researcher and Educator)
  • Guest 2: Ying-Ying Hsieh (Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London)

Day 2 (Oct 28, 9am-12pm ET)


Experimentation | Novelty in, from, and like start-ups

  • Keynote: Teppo Felin, Utah State University
  • Research Showcase: Jacqueline Kirtley, Wharton
  • Future Research: Diane Burton, Cornell


Technology in Organizations | What's next for innovation and organizing?

  • Keynote: Anita Woolley Williams, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Research Showcase: Callen Anthony, NYU
  • Future Research: Samer Faraj, McGill University

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