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Tobias Kretschmer

Why did you agree to serve on the ODC board?

I have been interested in studying organization design and in particular its interaction with market-facing strategies for a long time. The default point of view was “outward-in”, i.e. looking at the strategy and trying to learn about organization design from that. One of the reasons for this was that there was no established community of scholars and practitioners that were inherently interested in looking at these problems the other way round. I wanted to be part of such a community and help build it to establish a hub of interested individuals working on such issues.

    What are your aspirations for the Community?

    Next to establishing and growing a community of likeminded scholars and practitioners in general, I would like the ODC to be an intellectual space for junior scholars to learn, grow and find a home. ODC is still relatively small and communication channels are informal, so I hope we will be able to build that home in the years to come.


    Tobias Kretschmer is a Professor and Head of the Institute at Luwig- Maximilian- Universit√§t M√ľnchen, Munich School of Management, Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization.

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    Membership in the community is open to any individual, firm, organization or institution with an interest in advancing the knowledge and practice of organization design and who wish to support and enhance ODC's mission.


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