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Özgecan Koçak

Why did you agree to serve on the ODC board?

I am honored that I will be serving the Organizational Design Community as a member of the board. In nearly two decades of teaching across different programs at business schools, I have found the subject of organizational design to generate the greatest curiosity about and engagement with research, especially among working professionals. As an instructor, I find that thinking about organizational design provides managers an ideal vantage point from which to analyze the linkages between high level strategic problems and their day-to-day decisions. As a researcher, I find that learning about the design challenges that my students face at work helps me recognize ways in which social scientific inquiry can have a tangible positive impact on organizations.

What are your aspirations for the Community?

In my work with the organizational design community, I want to engage more deeply and broadly in the conversation between practitioners and researchers to document the design challenges that come up in daily practice, to develop accessible teaching and training materials that can be used in strategy and organization design courses across different types of programs, and to get more academics interested in working within the fertile field of organizational design. I would like to contribute to building multiple accessible platforms that facilitate communication between researchers and practitioners as well as among researchers whose work in diverse areas can contribute to addressing questions of organizational design. An excellent initiative that does this within the context of designing organizations for sustainability goals is the ongoing Organizing For Good Campaign. I hope that we can create and support more events like it.


Özgecan is a Associate Professor in the Organization and Management. Her research focuses on how shared understandings in organizations and markets shape behavior, as well as how such shared understandings emerge through social interactions. 

See profile at Goizueta Business School

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Membership in the community is open to any individual, firm, organization or institution with an interest in advancing the knowledge and practice of organization design and who wish to support and enhance ODC's mission.


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