Data Privacy Policy

Organizational Design Community (ODC) and the commercial venture ODC-C-IVS are committed to ensure your personal data are dealt with securely in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

ODC is a member-driven community. This means, that most of the personal data obtained is received at the initiative of individuals actively choosing to engage themselves in the community. The team at ODC ensures that the data retained consist of relevant basic information provided by members, event registrants or Directory members. We obtain data to ensure that people can be informed about upcoming events, relevant news within ODC and the field of organization design in general. Moreover, the personal data enables the members to network with one another, if they choose to. Any member of the community is entirely in control of their personal privacy- and security settings. Hence, members administrate their settings, which means that members at any time can indicate their willingness to receive communication, as well as adjust who has access to their personal data. Personal membership data is retained in ODC for as long as a person remains an active member and until the following grace period expiries.

The team at ODC-C-IVS obtains voluntary information provided by endorsement applicants and retains it until the valid accreditation – or certification period has expired as well as the following grace period. The information is retained due to legal considerations, and to enable the endorsement processes to continuously be documented and improved.

As a general rule, we only collect a minimum amount of information both from ODC members and ODC-C-IVS endorsement applicants to ensure that the data is limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is obtained. Hence, the teams at ODC and ODC-C-IVS carefully considers which information is relevant to request, as well as the relevance in storing the information. However, as the members and endorsement applicants are entirely in control of the personal information they provide, the responsibility concerning the accuracy of the information provided lies with these individuals.

We fully support the GDPR ‘access to data’ and ‘right to erasure’. Any ODC member, event registrant or ODC-C-IVS endorsement applicant can at any time inquire about the data retained on them. In such case we will provide an overview within one month. Additionally, the same persons can at any time claim the right to erasure, in which case their data will be deleted; except if there is a legal, legitimate reason not to do so. Please contact the ODC administration office in case you wish us to 1) forward a guide on how to administer your privacy- and security settings, 2) assist in adjusting your settings, 3) provide access to an overview of your data or 4) you wish to have your data erased. Please contact us via email:

Data Security

The information provided to ODC and ODC-C-IVS is not shared with third-parties, nor is it accessible for any unauthorized persons.

The platforms and billing-systems utilized by ODC and ODC-C-IVS are of a high security-standard and compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

In the unlikely event of a data breach, the teams at ODC and ODC-C-IVS understand and respect our responsibility to inform the implicated individuals promptly.

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