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Announcing ODC Webinar Series 2020-2021

We are pleased to preview the upcoming schedule of ODC webinars. We have a stellar cast of speakers and topics, with many webinars dedicated to skill-building, featuring hands-on workshops on particular techniques/practices of use to us as organization design researchers and practitioners. 







 Rani Salman (Caliber Consulting) 

Unleashing the Power of Org Design for Cultural Transformation 

 30th  Sep  

 ODC members only


 Nicolay Warren (Norweigen University of Life Science)

   Mapping complexity in Organizations 

15th Oct  

ODC Members Only


 Raghu B Garud (Penn State- Smeal College of Business) and Philipp Tuertscher (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

 Studying Organizational Design using Qualitative Methods


22nd Oct

ODC Member


 Michael Y. Lee (INSEAD), Sarah Lebovitz (Virginia McIntire School of Commerce), Hila Lifshitz- Assaf (NYU Stern), Nathalie Magne (Universite Paul Valery) and Arriana Marchetti (LBS)

 Beneath the Surface of Less Hirerchial Organizing 

 28th Oct

 Open to Public


  Rahul Kapoor (Wharton), Michael G Jacobides (LBS), Melissa Schilling (NYU), Samina Karim (D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University),Sendil Ethiraj (LBS) and Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) 

 Baldwin and Clark’s Design Rules I: Twenty years after 

 5th Nov

 ODC Members Only


 Jaclyn Kates (Kate-Kesler Organization Consulting) 

 The Art of Scoping out an Organization Design Project 

 12th Nov

 ODC Members Only


 Mark LaScola (On the Mark) 

 Going way beyond “Strategic Design” – Implementing Organization Designs 

 19th Nov

 ODC Members Only


 Jerry Davis (Michigan Ross) 

 Organization Design and Power 

 3rd Dec

 ODC Members Only


 Maciej Workiewicz (ESSEC Business School) 

 Machine Learning: A Hands on Introduction 

 10th Dec

 ODC Members Only


 Yash Raj Shrestha (ETH Zurich) and Vivianna Fang He (ESSEC Business School)

 Using AI to Build Theory 

 17th Dec

 ODC Members Only


 Daniella Laureiro Martinez (ETH Zurich) and Stephan Billinger (University of Southern Denmark) 

 Experimental methods for Organization Design Researchers 

 14th Jan 2021

 ODC Members Only


Paul Batalden (Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine), Charles Snow (Penn State- Smeal College of Business) and Oystein Fjeldstad (Norwegian Business School)

 Designing Future Healthcare Systems 

 28th Jan 2021

 ODC Members Only

 February Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director Indian Institute of Management, Banglore (IIMB)  Organization Design Challenges in Indian Context  11th Feb 2021

 ODC Members Only

 March   Micheal Beer, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School  

Redesigning Organizations Systems of Organizing, Managing and Leading: The Indispensable Role of Honest Conversations

 4th of March  ODC Members Only

Frithjof Wegener  (PhD-Candidate) Department of Design, Organization and Strategy,  Delft University of Technology

Steven van Baarle (PhD candidate) Eindhoven University of Technology

Research In Progress I: 

1. "From Organization Design to Organizational Design Inquiry: Towards a pragmatic perspective”  

2. "Designing for Voice: Developing and Testing a Voice Solicitation Intervention in a Military Organization" 

25th of March   ODC Members Only
 April   Jose P. Arrieta,  Assistant Professor of Strategy at the University of Amsterdam's Business School. 

Research in Progress II

"More is Different: The Effect of Preference Diversity on Exploration"

 22nd of April  ODC Members Only
 May   Steve Lansing and Phanish Puranam 

How self-organization works: Lessons from Bali

 6th of May  ODC Members Only
 June  Amy Kates, Kates and Kesler Organization Consulting   Networked, Scaled and Agile- Can your company really be all three?  10th of June   ODC member only
 July   Omeed Rezaian and Martin Gonzalez  (Google)
"Organization Design challenges in the Tech Sector: What’s coming up for the next decade”   29th July ODC members 

For most events, registration for live participation is restricted to ODC members. Do mark your calendars, and look out for announcements with further details closer to the webinar dates!

If you know of colleagues or doctoral students who you think will benefit from this series and with interest in organization design  more generally, do encourage them to consider joining ODC.

We look forward to your participation. 

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