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Journal of Organization Design: New Publications

03 Apr 2017 5:00 PM | Sissel Jørgensen

Discover the recent activity in Journal of Organization Design; 3 articles published in March 2017 exploring the topics nudge management, conflict resolution in meta-organizations and digital organizations.

Journal of Organization Design features new articles with the following titles - open access:

Nudge management: applying behavioral science to increase knowledge worker productivity

(Philip Ebert and Wolfgang Freibichler)

Conflict resolution in meta-organizations: the peculiar role of arbitration

(Klaus Heine and Maximilian Kerk)

Platforms, ecosystems, and the internationalization of highly digitized organizations

(Moshe Yonatan)

-          Amongst several additional Organization Design articles published this year.

Click here to visit the Journal of Organization Design website and read the full articles.

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